Q:  I was wondering if your games are new or used ?

A: All games from VDGameStore are new with sealed from fatory. If you receive a used game we will refund full.


Q: How long does it take to the game delivery ?

A: All orders will delivery within 5 - 10 business days via UPS. It usually delivery within 5 business days but sometime the problem come from shipping company and you will receive your order late, but no more than 10 business days.


Q: Will the game will come with all DLC , online code , ...... ?

A: Yes. It will come with all from factory .


Q: What is the payment method that you accept ?

A: We accept Visa/Mastercard. Once you have item in your cart, you can start checkout via NganLuong.vn - a PayPal's Partner , for more information about payment method please click HERE


Q: Do you accept return ?

A: Yes, we accept return within 30 days for unopened games.


Q: I placed an order and pay for it. When I'm visit my order history , I can't find my order. Why ?

A: It's because your order is high risk and our payment provider gateway (NganLuong.vn) required some addition informations to verify you're the owner of the card you use to order. They will email you after 1 business day and ask you provide them the photo of the credit card you use to order and the photo of your ID or Driver License. Please send them the documents they want and don't forget to hide your card number ( Only 6 first digits and last 4 digits are required). Once they have them , your payment will be verified and they will tell us to ship your item(s). They  will destroy all the documents after complete verify process. They're a partner of Paypal so you can trust them.


Q: My order is high risk and your payment gateway provider want I send them photo of my cards, my ID. I don't want to provide my sensivity informations to anyone so I don't want to complete verified process. I want my money back. How ?

A: After 4 business days if you don't provide them the documents they need for verify your transaction, your money will back to your card. (You will see your money back in 7-10 business days, depending on your bank).


Q: Will you guys have access my payment informations like my card number , EXP date , CCV ?

A: NO. All we received only is a notice from them , tell us know that we just received payment from you and please ship your item(s).


If you need any information please contact us at customer@vdgamestore.com